December 31, 2019

Win-Win Cooperation, Creating a Better Future ----Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Between Puyi and Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding

It is Dec., 31 today and will also be New Year Holiday for 2020 after several hours . However, The headquarters office in Puyi is still busy and orderly---Puyi signed strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjian Xingang Shipbuilding.

Tianjian Xingang Shipbuilding Company subordinating to CSSC was setup in 1940 and one of pioneers in the global ship industries while Puyi is a first Asian high-tech company in ship desulfurization industry with excellent product and complete after-sales service network.

The agreement specifies the cooperation content, mode, period, etc. Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding promises to recommend Puyi preferentially to be the supplier during the initial negotiation with ship owners, meanwhile, Puyi will provide technical support for Tianjian Xinjiang to make project proposals and detailed production plans for selections of ship owners.

With the previous year ending and new year approaching, the win-win cooperation will definitely produce mutual supplement effect in respective advantages which will enhance Puyi to develop in ship desulfurization industry further and quickly.


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