June 13, 2019

Weihai Puyi on Display at Nor-shipping

The 27th Nor-shipping was held at Norges Varem in Oslo, Norway on June 4th-7th, 2019, attracting plenty of exhibitors from all over the world. This exhibition is a prominent biennial event in the international shipping industry, which provides a platform of communication and cooperation for exhibitors around the world, including shipowners, suppliers and other related parties.

Weihai Puyi Marine Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. showed its presence at the event, as the only Chinese scrubber supplier with independent booth, attracting close attention from customers and medias both domestically and abroad. Puyi is currently the largest scrubber supplier in China. With diverse options of products, flexible retrofitting schemes, and sound service system, it has earned a high reputation among customers. The number of its business orders takes up a considerable share in the international scrubber market.

In Norway market, Puyi has obtained orders of 13 ships from two major shipowners. Norway is fairly advanced in shipping industry, and its shipowners request relatively stricter for qualifications of scrubber suppliers. In this sense, winning such substantial number of orders may serve as a demonstration of owners’ recognition towards Puyi, as well as a reflection of Puyi’s status in the industry.

During the exhibition, Puyi also bestowed well-prepared presents to customers, to extend the appreciation for their continuous support and trust, and to promote friendship between the two peoples.

This trip to Norway has come with fruitful outcomes and significance. It provides a brand-new starting point and stimulus for Puyi’s future activities in expanding the international market, boosting trust and cooperation with customers, and increasing its international popularity.

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