September 21, 2018

Weihai Puyi Obtained Batch Order of EGC Systems from European Owner

Recently, Weihai Puyi Marine Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Weihai Puyi) obtained batch order of 12-set EGC systems from well-known European owner. Relative manufacture has started and associated products are scheduled for delivery in succession within 2019.

For a long time, European owners have been adhering strict standards in selecting equipment suppliers, especially for large-scale marine equipment such as EGC systems which has been basically monopolized by European and American manufacturers. The successful signing of this order marks that Weihai Puyi has broken the long-term monopoly of European and American brands in the European market and fully demonstrated the technical strength and international competitiveness of Puyi.

In the process of EGC system development, Weihai Puyi always keep long-term friendly cooperation with Dalian Maritime University. With support of the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Industry and Communication, and adhering to the development concept of "to benefit all people", Weihai Puyi have made their products gradually recognized by owners, successfully entered into international market and become domestic model EGC system enterprise. In the future, Weihai Puyi will make sustained efforts to promote technological innovation and improve services to provide the best quality EGC systems for all customers and make "China made" go to the world.

Meanwhile, a substantial order of 100-set EGC systems from another European company has also been signed, and relative information will be publiced in due course.

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