August 28, 2020

Successful Launch of Puyi’s Upgraded Open-loop EGCS

The 4th Marine Scrubber & BWMS Applications Shanghai Int’l Summit 2020 with the theme of Green Intelligent Ships, in conjunction with 11th Green Shipping Technologies Shanghai Int’l Summit 2020, ended successfully on August 25th.

Jianqing Hu, executive director of Puyi and general manager of its Shanghai Branch, gave a wonderful speech on our newly developed upgraded open-loop EGCS. Hu briefly introduced the system’s working principle, and emphasized its tremendous edge of being compact, energy-saving, time-saving and cost-efficient over traditional systems, which aroused great interest among the participants.

The darkness will pass and the dawn will come. We are positive that after the COVID-19 epidemic, the scrubber industry will surely embrace its rejuvenation.

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