January 23, 2020

Projects Remain in Full Swing as the Spring Festival Approaches

While the Spring Festival is approaching, many Puyi workers are still standing to their posts, dedicated to the duly delivery of our projects.

These are some pictures of project G903, sent by our site engineers on 20th, Jan. This is the third vessel from a famous Asian ship owner retrofitted with our EGCS, prior to which we have already received credit and positive feedback from the very owner for the successful delivery of previous systems. And we will build on this success and work hard for more premium products and services to accommodate customers’ requirements.

Thereare many links contributing to the accomplishment of a project, in whichcommissioning seems to be especially significant yet laborious. Therefore, we’dlike to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our commissioningengineers and crew onboard for their extraordinary dedication and cooperation. Andwe’re looking forward to their performance on the forthcoming sea trial.

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