March 24, 2020

Project Progress since Resumption of Work

Recently, with strong leadership of the government and joint efforts from the public, the novel coronavirus outbreak has been effectively brought under control. As a result, companies throughout the country, including those in Hubei Province, are gradually returning to normal work.

Since its resumption of work on 10th, Feb, Puyi company has spared no effort to keep up with production schedules.

Here are updates on some projects in progress:

The construction work of project 103 has been smoothly completed, with scrubber ready for packaging, as shown in photo 1;

Project 909 is in readiness for pickling, as shown in photo 2;

Project 030 is currently during the hoisting process, as shown in photo 3;

And the preparation work for installation of project 034 is shown in photo 4.

It is Puyi’s constant pursuit to provide customers with premium products and services, which the company has been faithfully practicing.


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