December 22, 2019

Forging Ahead in Cold Winter, Working Enthusiastically Like Hot Summer

It is deep winter on Dec 20 with heavy wind and frozen earth, but the production bases of Puyi is still warm like summer because of employees’ working enthusiasm. Five orders on scrubber towers for Thai and Turkish ship owners respectively are being busily processed, some of which are packed and ready to be transported to the specified shipyard for installation.


Puyi was set up in 2009, a first company which initiated to R&D of exhaust gas cleaning system in China and also a pioneer on Mg-based desulfurization process in Asia. After ten years of careful accumulation and forging ahead, Puyi’s customers are found in most countries and regions in the world while the Puyi’s brand is also very popular to receive high praise and recognition from the customers.

With approach of IMO 2020 sulfur limit regulation taking effect day by day, Puyi is looking forward to working hand in hand with customers and partners to create a better future for vessel desulfurization industry!

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